Upcoming Events

October 4th, 2023: “Queer Americans in Post-Revolutionary Ireland,” with Dr. Maurice Casey. More info.

October 18th, 2023: “Ferdinand Levy: A Harlem Renaissance Dubliner and a De-colonial Cosmopolitanism,” with Dr. Karl O’Hanlon. More info.

November 1st, 2023: “The North of Ireland, Modernism, and the Medicalization of Sex,” with Dr. Lloyd Meadhbh Houston. More Info.

November 13th, 2023: “Bridging the Atlantic V: An Annual Conference Discussing Transatlantic Relations.” This event will take place at Queen’s University Belfast. More information coming soon.

November 16th, 2023: “Italo Svevo and James Joyce: A Brilliant Friendship,” with Georgetown University’s Department of Italian. More information coming soon.

November 29th, 2023: “Festival of Northern Irish Writers.” More information coming soon.

This page is continually updated with our upcoming events as they are finalized. Check back for more details, and join our mailing list to be kept updated.