“Ulysses in the World”

September 10, 2022

Welcome remarks from Cóilín Parsons (Director of Global Irish Studies, Georgetown) and Nik Quaife (Head of Cultural Affairs, Consulate General of Ireland, New York) (Watch Recording–10 minutes)

Joyce and Dance (Watch Recording–60 minutes)

  • Liz Roche
  • Deirdre Mulrooney
  • Chair: Michelle Clayton

A Diplomat’s Odyssey (Watch Recording–60 minutes)

  • Dan Mulhall in Conversation with Joe Hassett

Trieste-Zürich-Paris, 1922-2022 (Watch Recording–60 minutes)

  • Gregory Baker

“O, rocks! Not Greek again: Ulysses and the Legacy of Mistranslation”

  • Barry McCrea

“Joyce and Contemporary European fiction”

  • Katherine O’Callaghan

“Farfalling”: the temporal and spatial distances of James Joyce’s Ulysses.

Chair: Nathan Hensley

Writing Against Ulysses (Watch Recording–60 minutes)

  • Alice McDermott
  • Tope Folarin
  • Chair: Cóilín Parsons

“Wandered far away over all the earth” (Watch Recording–60 minutes)

  • Shinjini Chattopadhyay

Ulysses and Theories of Anti/Post/Decoloniality”

  • Kasia Bartoszynska

“How to Read a Classic: Ulysses in the Ming Dynasty”

  • Kiron Ward

“Creative Disaffiliation: Sam Selvon Meets James Joyce in Hyde Park”

  • Chair: Katherine O’Callaghan

“Coming Events Cast Their Shadow Before” (Watch Recording–60 minutes)

  • Malcolm Sen

Ulysses in a Burning World”

  • José Vergara

“The Dung Heap and the Time Capsule: Joyce’s History and Future in Russia”

  • Michelle Clayton

“Found in Translation: Recent Latin American Ulysses

  • Chair: Jessica Berman

Keynote Lecture: “Ulysses at Home” (Watch Recording–60 minutes)

  • John McCourt

Chair: Barry McCrea