Bridging the Atlantic V: where now in an uncertain world?


Georgetown University’s Global Irish Studies Initiative, in association the BMW Center for German and European Studies, and the Clinton Institute for American Studies at University College Dublin, and our hosts Queen’s University Belfast, presented:

Bridging the Atlantic V: Where now in an uncertain world?

Monday, November 13. The conference was held in-person at Queen’s University Belfast.

The conference included a keynote speech from US Special Envoy to NI, Joseph Kennedy III, chaired by Noyona Chundur (NI Consumer Council), plus a fireside chat between US Consul General James Applegate and Jayne McCormack (BBC NI).

There was also 3 panels of experts/ practitioners from the island of Ireland and the USA on areas of transatlantic concern and cooperation:

Where now for Cultural Memory in a divided world?

Laia Balcells, Kathleen James-Chakraborty, Olwen Purdue, Katrin Sieg, with Cóilín Parsons (chair).

Where now for Cyber Security in an insecure world?

Catríona Heinl, Maire O’Neill, Kevin Powers, with Liam Kennedy (chair).

Where now for Climate Action in a burning world?

Nina Hamilton, Jenna Potter, Rosalind Skillen, with John Barry (chair).

Please find above the full recording of the 2023 Bridging the Atlantic Conference.

Event Schedule

Below is the schedule of the conference. Underneath each title is a coinciding time stamp for each panel’s run time on the video above.

13:15 Opening

(0:00 – 14:55)

Welcome:  Professor Margaret Topping  (Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Global Engagement, Queen’s University Belfast) & Ted Smyth (Chair, Clinton Institute for American Studies, UCD & President, Glucksman Ireland House for Irish Studies)

13:30 Panel One: Where now for Cultural Memory in a troubled world?

(14:55 – 1:15:16)

Laia Balcells (Georgetown),

Kathleen James-Chakraborty (UCD)

Olwen Purdue (QUB)

Katrin Sieg (Georgetown)

Chair: Cóilín Parsons (Georgetown)

14:30 Panel Two: Where now for Cyber Security in an insecure world?

(1:15:16 – 2:15:15)

Chris Painter (GFCE Foundation Board)

Máire O’Neill (QUB)

Kevin Powers (Boston)

Chair: Liam Kennedy

15:30 Break

16:00 Keynote: Where now for NI’s economy in a transatlantic context?

(2:15:15 – 2:53:52)

Joe Kennedy III  (US Special Envoy to Northern Ireland)

Chair: Noyona Chundur (Consumer Council of NI)

16:30 Panel Three: Where now for Climate Action in a burning world?

(2:53:52 – 3:44:48)

Nina Hamilton (North American Association for Environmental Education)

Jenna Potter (Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful)

Rosalind Skillen (Birdwatch Ireland)

Chair: John Barry (QUB)

17:30 Closing session: Where now for Bridging the Atlantic?

(3:44:48 – 4:09:05)

US Consul General James Applegate in conversation with Jayne McCormack (BBC NI)

17:55 Close: Katy Hayward (QUB)

(4:09:05 – 4:12:48)


Organising committee: Ted Smyth (Clinton Institute, UCD), Katy Hayward (QUB), Liam Kennedy (UCD), Cóilín Parsons (Georgetown). Technical coordinator: Alan Meban.

This event was free and open to the public. If you wish to make a donation to support the Global Irish Studies series of free lectures and seminars, it will be gratefully received. Please go to our Giving page to make a tax-free donation or click on the button below